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March 15, 2008


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This tornado was incredible. Thank goodness the damage wasn't worse -- and the death toll wasn't higher. These unpredictable storms are frightning.


A few hours before you got your proper scary tornado, I looked out the window here in Cumming and saw that the sky had turned green. Suddenly, we had hail landing on our deck, pinging against the windows and roof.

My parents were here, and my mother nervously said "maybe we should turn on the local news." I switched on the kitchen TV (we were eating lunch at the kitchen table) just in time to hear "For those of you in Cumming, take shelter, take shelter, take shelter immediately..."

I made my two eldest go to the basement, carried the baby down, followed by parents and husband. We then watched the incredible coverage for the rest of the night, hearing of storms passing only a few miles away from us, but thankfully not touching down.

What we had missed though, maybe 15 seconds before we turned on the TV, was the meterorologist saying "It is now over..." and listing the two roads that intersect less than a quarter of a mile from our house.

Our storm radios failed to play a warning at any time that afternoon.

I think we need to say some blessings as well.

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